What is a website? What types and what are they? Details

what is website

Consistently we visit some site for our day by day needs. What is a website? How many types? What? How to open a website etc. Many questions related to the website revolve in our heads.There are many of us who have the answers to these questions but there are also many who do not have the answers to these questions but want to know about it. Today from this post we will know about the website.

What are these types and what are they? In addition, we will discuss various issues related to the website.

What is a website?

A website is a collection of web pages, images, audio, video and other digital information stored on a web server. Which can be accessed through an internet connection. Each website has a unique name. We can also say that a website is a collection of multiple webpages under the same domain. Websites are called about sites.

Now the question that may come to your mind is what is the webpage? As I said at the beginning of the post, we will not only know about the website but also many other things related to the website. That is why you have to read the whole post with patience and attention.

What is a web page?

A webpage is a page that is used to store information such as text, audio, video, still images, animations, etc. on the Internet. That is, the first page that appears on a web page is the home page. Again, there are many pages on that page such as: contact, website, login page, etc. All these pages are called webpages.

You know about webpages. But, you may have heard the term web portal. So let's find out what is a web portal?

What is a web portal?

A web portal is a collection of websites or webpages that collect important links, content and services from many sources. Which presents information to the users in a straightforward manner. Wikipedia is the largest web portal in the world.

Web browser

Just as we need an internet connection to visit any website, we also need a browser. With which we can access any site. This web browser basically reads and translates the data and shows the results to the client. For instance: Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, and so on

types of website

How many types of websites and what are they?

In general, we can divide the website into two parts. One is a static website and the other is a dynamic website. We can also divide the website into local and remote based on location.

But, if someone asks you how many types of websites, the answer is two types of websites. Namely: Static website and Dynamic website.

Let's go to the website to know more details about this type.

Types of websites

webpages or websites can usually be divided into two types based on the variety of structures. They are :

1.Static Webpage or Static Website 

2.Dynamic Webpage or Dynamic Website

What is a static website?

Websites whose data values ​​cannot be changed after displaying a webpage are called static websites. Scripting language is not used to create static websites. A static website is usually created with HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT.

Static website features

1.Loads very fast.

2.There is no connection to the database.

3.Content remains specific.

4.Cannot update practical information.

5.It is designed with HTML, CSS, JS etc.

The advantage of a static website

1.Control is simple and easy to manage.

2.The cost is low and the site loads quickly.

3.Even if the net speed is low, data can be downloaded quickly.

4.The layout of the webpage can be easily managed.

The disadvantage of static websites

1.Content takes a lot of time to update.

2.Controlling content becomes more and more difficult as the size of the website increases.

3.There is no system to take user input.

4.If you want to add a new page, you have to code for that page separately.

what is dynamic website

What is a dynamic website?

Dynamic websites are websites whose data values ​​can be changed even after the webpage is displayed. Scripting languages ​​such as PHP, ASP, Python are used to create dynamic websites and HTML, CSS, JS are also used to design the webpage. In addition, a database (SQL / MYSQL) is required.

Dynamic website features

1.Creating variable information or interactive webpages.

2.Page design or content may change during runtime.

3.Database is used.

4.Can update practical information.

Advantages of Dynamic Website

1.Much more information can be abundant.

2.Information and content can be updated very quickly.

3.Scheduled pages can be displayed for assigned users.

4.A certain amount of access can be set for users.

The disadvantage of dynamic websites

1.The cost is high.

2.Controlling and developing is relatively complex and difficult.

3.There is a possibility of data hacking

4.Using the database takes longer to load the data.

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Again there are two types of webpages or websites based on location. they are :-

1.Local Webpage

2.Remote Webpage

good things about dynamic website

What is a local webpage?

Locally designed webpages are called local webpages. Local webpages are usually easily accessed from source drives and directories. No internet connection is required to use such webpages.

What is a remote webpage?

Webpages stored on a computer or server other than a local computer are called remote webpages. Internet connection is required to download remote webpages. To use such webpages, you need to know the web address. Such an address is called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator).

The URL of each website is unique. The name that is in the URL of each website is called the domain name. You can read this post to know about domains - Get Hosting and Domains for Free for Life

We can also categorize websites based on usage. They are 

1. Archive site: Old important information is stored for everyone's use.

2.E-commerce site: The product is made for buying and selling.

3.News sites: These sites have different types of news.

4.Blog sites: Different niche based content is available on different blog sites.

5.Download site: Different types of files, software etc. can be downloaded.

6.Portfolio sites: have different information about yourself. So that the visitors of the site can know about his portfolio.

There are many more such sites scattered in our internet world.

This was today's tune. We hope you find new information about the website from the tune / post and that this information will be useful to you. If there is any mistake while writing the post and comment to give feedback about the post and, if possible, share the post with your friends so that Tarao can know about it. Stay tuned to Moon360 to get more posts like this.


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