What is Vpn? How does VPN work? disadvantages of Vpn?

what is vpn?

All of us who use the internet know more or less about VPN or many of us visit free internet or block websites with VPN. But many people do not know what VPN is? Why is VPN used and what are the advantages and disadvantages of VPN? Today I will talk to you about all these issues, so let's not have all the information about it -

What is Vpn? :

it is a virtual "tunnel" of the Virtual Private Network Internet through which data can be exchanged from a computer. it refers to a fictional private network.

Why is Vpn used? :

Since everyone in the world is connected to the public network or the Internet, there is a risk that the privacy of information will be leaked. Since there is a risk of privacy leaks when exchanging information directly using the Internet, it is the safest way to connect to your own network using the Internet.

When we use the Internet, it is used to keep all of our data, such as where we are and what Internet connection we are using, secret. Suppose again that if a website is closed in Bangladesh, then it is possible to visit that website using it.

how vpn workes

What are the benefits of VPN? :

1) The reason for using it is that you can exchange all data securely.

2) No one will be able to track your location using it.

3) If you use it, you will get full speed of net from IPS, the internet service provider.

4) it keeps your ip address hidden. There is no possibility of falling into the hands of hackers.

5) it keeps track of your browsing history
No. So you are completely safe online.

6) You can visit blocked sites using it.
For example, if YouTube or Facebook is blocked in our country, you can still access YouTube or Facebook using it. This means you can visit any blocked website.

is vpn good or not

What are the disadvantages of Vpn?

1) You can not download torrent files with it.

2) Some websites may ban your account due to the use of it

3) If you enter Google Adsens or Admob using Vpn, your account may be banned.

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