Things to do before applying for AdSense

Things to do before applying for AdSense

Google AdSense is like a golden deer to many. If it can be used properly and cared for, it is possible to earn a living from it. If you want to apply or are going to apply your website for Google Adsense then this tune is for you. Read the entire tune carefully. And those who are new to this topic should also read the full tune because you can learn about Google Adsense from this tune. Which will come in handy in your future.

What to do prior to applying for Google Adsense


Top level domain extensions (.com, .net, .org, .xyz, etc.) are more likely to have AdSense approval. If you go to apply for AdSense with any free domain (.tk, .ml, .cf etc.) then I would say don't waste your time. It goes without saying that there is no possibility of getting AdSense in these free domains.

On the other hand, if you apply for AdSense with Blogger's free custom subdomain (, you can get AdSense approval. However, I would suggest you to add a custom domain. The price of the .xyz extension is not too high in the first year. Can buy for the first year with just $ 2. And the renewal fee is between 10 $ -15 $ dollars. On the other hand, renewal fees for other extensions (.com, .net, .org, etc.) are within 10 $ -15. And for the first year you can buy with 1 $ -10.

I hope you understand what I mean by so much breath. Get a top level domain for your site even if it costs a little money.

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Age on site

If your site is less than 3 months old, do not apply. I am not saying that you cannot apply on the site if you are less than 3 months old. Can be applied but I am giving my opinion that it is better not to apply if the site is less than 3 months old.

One thing you should note is that after opening a new site, on average, it takes about 7 days for everyone to fix everything on the site. Then it takes 1 month to write the main content of the site. If you publish 3-4 content per week on the site, then you can publish 12-18 content per month. Moreover, if your new site to submit to search engines, you must give a minimum of 1 month to create some backlinks for the site.

However, if you apply for Google Adsense for your site in such a situation, you will see the "Site Under Construction" issue and AdSense will reject. So my suggestion would be to do everything right and appeal for AdSense after at least 3 months.


Content is the lifeblood of any blog site. And, if the chances of getting AdSense approval on the blog site are 100%, you publish the content on the site according to the rules of AdSense. And, before applying for AdSense, you must re-check the published content on your site. If there is or is a removal notice for any content, that content must be deleted.

And will always try to do keyword research and publish unique content on the site. And the kind of article you should not put on your site -

1. Copy content
2. Sexual content
3. Something written about drugs
4. If there is content about the use of weapons and these
5. If written about tobacco or alcohol
6. If there is any content with the banned app from Google Play Store Something like mode / crack / null script
7. If there is any content about hacking

How to aproved adsense

It is better not to put such content on the site and delete all such content before appealing for Google Adsense. For more information on Google AdSense content restrictions, visit -


Refrain from using more colorful themes on the site. Use simple, fast loading, SEO friendly and mobile friendly theme sites. And of course don't use null or crack themes in any way. Because, all these themes can contain viruses. Viral themes will not be approved for AdSense in any way. Better to use Wordpress Free Theme for WordPress site.And, even if it is a blogger site, use a free theme.

Make some necessary pages
Before applying for Google Adsense, you must create some pages. If the page has already been created, then nothing else needs to be done. 

Pages that must be created -

1. About
2. Contact
3. Privacy & Policy

It is better to keep more pages -

1. Desclaimer
2. Dmca
3. Sitemap
4. FAQ

After creating the pages, put the links of these pages in the footer. Keep it in such a way that anyone who visits your site can easily find the links.


Although visitors are not the key to getting AdSense. But, if there are no visitors, who will show Ads? So try to bring visitors to your site for 100+ page views daily from your site.
To get more visitors, share more links on your site on social media. And, try to bring organic traffic. For this, do some keyword research and publish some good content on the site.

If you do these things before applying for AdSense, you will easily get AdSense for your site. I don't think it will be a problem to get AdSense approval for your site. If AdSense doesn't approve, don't worry. Fix the issues that caused AdSense to reject and apply for AdSense again. I will soon publish another tune on the site about what to do if AdSense is rejected.

Know more 

Before opening a new site we need to select the domain, buy hosting. So some tunes will be published on the site. These are very important tasks before creating a website so I will definitely publish these tunes. If you do not want to miss these tunes, then visit our site regularly. And like our Facebook page.


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