freelancing should not be done like this !


 1) The first and foremost reason is to jump like a blind man without knowing / understanding well about freelancing.

-> At the beginning of my life, I spent 35,000 rupees to learn this freelancing. I blame myself or I am responsible for this. Because I jumped into freelancing like a blind man without knowing / understanding and without looking at the glamorous advertisements and judging and the result is failure.

The institute was bad and I didn't talk about the trainer anymore. Anyway, the cheaters want to cheat, but I have to use my judgment to make a foolish decision. However, I did not give up hope and succeeded.

Advice -> Nowadays, freelancing training institutes and trainers like frog umbrellas have come out, 90% of which are fake. There are enough false temptations in these glamorous advertisements.Do not succumb to false temptations, judge and train on the subject of your choice or interest and of course learn from a good organization and trainer. And of course don't expect anything in life for free. Remember that there is nothing in this world for free, so the sooner you understand this, the better.

2) Subject selection.

some one  has become a millionaire by freelancing by doing nothing this is not true . Now such and such a subject may not suit you, so in this case, what you will learn on your own or you are interested in a subject or training in a subject that seems convenient or possible for you, take training in that subject. If there is no point in wasting time, labor and money on such and such a thing like a blind person, then maybe in the middle of it, it will seem that I like indian food but , why did I come to eat Chinese in the mind of others.


3) Mind set.

Why do you want to learn and what is your purpose behind it? Consider this very seriously and decide what subject or field you will train or learn accordingly and set a specific time or goal -> such as: - WordPress/SEO/Graphics-Design/Digital Marketing/Others (any 1/2) I will learn, I will learn in the following 7/8-months/I will begin acquiring pay from

4) Giving more importance to earning money than skill.

Always remember that bringing in cash is a higher priority than ability in light of the fact that a little information is terrible.You may begin acquiring pay by learning some light work however it won't be permanent.No matter where you work, you have to recall that in outsourcing you need to work with talented and experienced individuals from everywhere the world, so you should havethe most elevated level of aptitudes and involvement with your particular field

5) Good proficiency in English.

Proficiency in English will give you unimaginable advantage in every field of life. One of my madams when I was studying in class six told me that in order to be included in the list of smart people (men), it is mandatory to have some qualifications / skills such as: 1) Higher education / vocational technical education 2) Knowledge of swimming.3) Know driving 4) Be able to speak English. Because of good English proficiency, you can say in many places in life that I have got unfair advantage in various ways, that I can't work, but because of my proficiency in English, I have somehow convinced the client to take the job.

Later it was found that either I could not finish the work or I submitted it by working with someone else.

big mistake on freelancing

6) Ideas / skills / experience about market place.

You will not have experience in the new situation. This is normal, so get rid of it from your head. The experience of working will come naturally. When a client hires someone new, they know that this person will not have experience because he is new and new people do not have experience. This is the science that they understand. I don't understand only we Bengalis.

Skills are a very important thing that you must have in   Market Place will not jump. Gain enough skills in your particular subject to practice and jump into the confidently market place. It is not as if I am writing the above part in the bio, but after getting the job, you have to run to your brother  -> brother, what is this? Brother, what is that? How is this? How is that?

Of course, before going to Market Plus, you have to have a clear-cut idea about various basic issues. Take the help of seniors.

Extra Tips -> Perseverance and hard work.

There is no substitute for perseverance in trying to succeed. Regular hard work is required in both work and learning because -> hard work is the mother of happiness.

Thanks everyone and happy freelancing.

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ageing thanks to all  


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